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News: Bazaar to continue in Rotherham


The popular Bazaar, held every week at Rotherham Market, is to continue for the next two years.

First held in June 2013, the market was attracted to Rotherham to improve the town centre offer and raise the profile of the Centenary Market by reaching out to new and diverse customers. The Bazaar stocks a diverse range of goods centred on the core products of fabrics and fashions along with jewellery, footwear, herbs and spices, sweets etc.

Already successful in Bradford and Leeds, The Bazaar has proved to help boost footfall and potential spend in Rotherham during its first year trial period. Dominic Beck, Cabinet Member for Business Growth and Regeneration at Rotherham Council has recently signed off proposals for the operators, Select 2 Ltd, to continue to run the Thursday market for the next two years.

In the 12 months since the inception of The Bazaar footfall in the area has risen by 22% to reach an average of 12,000, with numbers in excess of 17,000 being achieved on celebration days. The markets attracts around 85,000 visits per week.

Robin Lambert, markets manager at Rotherham Council said in a report: "The opening of the Bazaar did initially result in a small decline in visitor numbers to the Indoor Market Hall on other trading days. However, this decline was slight and was not sustained.

"With visitor numbers soon returning to normal this indicates that the additional footfall generated by the Bazaar on Thursdays was, as anticipated, made up from new and additional visits to the market, often from areas outside of the borough.

"The overriding objective of this new market was to generate additional footfall which would improvement trade in the town centre on Thursday. This objective has been achieved and is cost neutral to the market account."

Consultants, The Retail Group have been brought in to identify the future strategy and growth plan for the town centre markets, and the right offer for the town and its customers.

The redevelopment of the markets is a pressing issue for the council given that the new £40m Tesco development will open on the site of the former civic offices before the end of this year.

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