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News: Beatson Clark secure further work


Leading glass manufacturer Beatson Clark is seeing the investment at its Rotherham site pay off as it continues to meet the needs of existing customers.

The Greasborough Road firm, which has been making glass bottles and jars in Rotherham since 1751, specialises in providing glass packaging solutions for niche brands in the food, drink and pharmaceutical markets worldwide.

Beatson Clark has pioneered "lightweighting" techniques to reduce the use of raw materials as well as both manufacturing and transport costs, protecting the environment and conserving valuable resources.

Robinsons Old Tom has twice been named as the World's Best Ale at the World Beer Awards, and Robinsons Brewery tasked long-standing partner Rawlings to deliver a lightweight version of its classic bottle. Originally designed by Beatson Clark in 2005, the iconic glass bottle has been manufactured at its Rotherham facility ever since.

Rawlings, in partnership with Beatson Clark, has supplied a new environmentally friendly, lightweight bottle, allowing the brewery to make savings on raw materials and transport costs.

The new amber bottle weighs 250g rather than the original 282g and features improved embossing of the Robinsons name and Old Tom brand on the glass.

Tom Wood, managing director at Rawlings, said: "The benefits of lightweighting, in terms of cost reduction and environmental impact, are significant. With every new project Rawlings undertakes we aim to include an element of lightweighting."

Lynn Sidebottom, sales & marketing director at Beatson Clark, added: "The bottle shape and embossing design are the same as before, so consumers will continue to recognise the distinctive Old Tom bottle.

"However, we have used our new design software to sculpt the embossing, making it more defined as well as easier to manufacture.

"Reducing the weight of a container does not affect quality, but the benefits for the customer and for the environment are considerable."

Beatson Clark has also adapted a bottle made for current client, Aspall, whose ciders are usually sold in a unique bottle designed by Beatson Clark, but the bespoke design is too tall for most pub and bar fridges.

Polly Robinson, marketing consultant at Aspall, said: "We love the iconic bottle that we've been using for almost 100 years, but it's now too tall for the fridges in most pubs and bars.

"In many pubs the bottle is kept on its side, which means that our products don't catch the eye of customers choosing their drink from the other side of the bar. We wanted our products to stand upright, so we asked Beatson Clark to supply a slightly shorter bottle for us.

"The new bottles are going down really well and have helped us to get more packaged, as opposed to draught, product into the on trade."

Recent investments in state-of-the-art glass manufacturing equipment at Rotherham include a completely new white flint furnace, new automatic inspection equipment, a new multi-inspection machine, metal detectors and an updated computer-aided design (CAD) system, which totalled £12m.

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