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News: Xeros provides system of Choice


Using an innovative cleaning system from Rotherham based Xeros is proving worthwhile for another US hotel, saving them money on natural gas and water usage and securing a financial incentive from its energy company in the process.

The Leeds University spin-out, based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham, has developed a patented system using a unique method of special polymer beads rather than the usual large amounts of fresh water to clean clothes. Instead a small amount of water is added to loosen clothing stains and activate the beads.

Customers in certain US states are able to apply for financial incentives to install energy efficient machines supported by the Federal Energy Management Program's Energy Incentive Program and Xeros now counts four out of the world's top five hotel groups as customers.

The Choice Hotel property in Massachusetts is the first hotel to receive a cleaning technology incentive from National Grid after installing the Xeros system. Payments are made as specific pre-determined energy savings milestones are met and can sometimes represent reductions of up to 50% of the installed cost of a machine.

Admitted to AIM this year, Xeros is commercialising the system which uses at least 70% less water, up to 50% less energy and approximately 50% less detergent. It is targeting the commercial market in the United States where it is estimated that hotels consume over 400 million gallons of fresh water daily just to launder sheets and towels. Xeros previously stated that the combined total of installed and committed machines in the US will exceed 80 by the end of the calendar year.

In its first full year of accounts since launching on the stock exchange, Xeros reported that the roll-out had been slower than anticipated due to the time it takes larger operators to approve new practices but believes the "flagship" installations will lead to validations and endorsement that will act as a foundation for a wider rollout in the commercial industry.

At the Choice Hotel, the Xeros polymer bead machine demonstrated a 98% reduction in natural gas usage and a 70% reduction in water usage resulting in an incentive from National Grid of $9,369.

Jonathan Benjamin, president of Xeros, North America, said: "National Grid's policy of protecting the environment for the future aligns with the benefits of polymer bead technology. This incentive demonstrates how this innovative technology can enable the hotel industry to further their sustainability initiatives while delivering superior cleaning for an improved customer experience."

Back in the UK, Xeros has appointed Mark Webber as finance manager to advise on growing business with commercial laundries on this side of the Atlantic. Joining from apparel distributor, Zyro, and enjoying a successful career spanning manufacturing, distribution and service industries in both finance and commercial operational roles, Mark had eight years with JLA, one of the largest commercial laundry providers in the UK.

Mark Webber, finance manager at Xeros, said: "I am joining Xeros at a very exciting time, when products are being launched and sales are increasing. My experience in the commercial laundry sector will be a great benefit in expanding the company's reach into this area and I'm looking forward to being a part of Xeros' growth in the coming months and years."

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