Tuesday, December 9, 2014

News: Export support for Electro Enterprises


Rotherham-based Electro Enterprises Ltd, a company that supplies electrical components to the aircraft industry, has ambitious plans to expand further into Europe.

Electro Enterprises in Dinnington, which already exports its specialist components to Asia, sought assistance from RiDO's Soft Landing Zone to help it establish new markets in Germany.

Paul Connelly, the company's managing director, was aware that Germany offered many opportunities, but didn't have the resources in-house to carry out such in-depth market research. As part of the ERDF-funded project, RiDO works with home grown companies through accelerated support programmes to develop ideas that have true potential to create export focused businesses.

Paul Connelly (pictured) said: "RiDO has offered a fresh pair of eyes on how we've been marketing the business overseas. We had some ideas, but as a small business with limited resources, we needed to know how and where we should focus our efforts. RiDO has really helped me refocus and come up with a strategy that will help us to expand into this potentially lucrative market."

RiDO's research studied the aerospace market in Germany and specifically looked at the mechanics of how its supply chains work and future trends in the aerospace industry. This revealed strong opportunity for Electro Enterprises within a supply chain which has recently opened up and become more visible, due to new online business to business platforms.  The worldwide industry trend is for growth, with an estimated 25,000 civilian aircraft required over the next 20 years.

Connelly continued: "RiDO has really drilled home the need to communicate and I've learnt a lot about the ways we should approach our target market. In the past we have relied on a listings website which did generate a few leads, but I've started contacting prospective customers directly and I'm already getting a much better response. I think people appreciate it when you take the time out to make contact – which is why I'm so keen to go to Germany and network in person.

"Moving forward we're looking to create new jobs, starting with a sales assistant, ideally a graduate who can speak German, as this will open up so many more opportunities for us. It's an exciting time at Electro Enterprises – RiDO's research has given me so many ideas and I'm looking forward to putting them in place.

As part of the company's rejuvenated marketing strategy, it will be attending more international exhibitions, including the Electronica trade fair recently held in Germany, following up on potential leads already developed.

Nathan Woodcock, business development co-ordinator for RIDO, said: "It's great to hear that our research has helped Paul focus his efforts in developing the business overseas. Companies often find it hard to find the resources to market themselves effectively and now Paul can ensure that his time is put to good use. The huge potential growth in the German aerospace sector is great news for companies like Electro Enterprises. We are looking forward to seeing their development in this market in the future."

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