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News: Magnomatics on show at The Proving Factory launch


Magnomatics, a Sheffield-based manufacturer of energy-efficient products based on ground-breaking magnetic gear technology, is receiving a boost through the innovative Proving Factory initiative.

Part of Tata Steel's Brinsworth site in Rotherham will house a new component manufacturing facility as part of the £22m government-backed manufacturing initiative that aims to bridge the gap (or "Valley of Death") between small enterprises developing leading edge low carbon technology and large vehicle manufacturers. It is jointly located in Rotherham and in Coventry, where the assembly facility was officially opened for business last month.

Led by industry experts, Productiv Limited, working closely with Tata Steel, technology will be developed by Bladon Jets, Flybrid, Torotrak, Drive Systems Design, Libralato and Magnomatics.

Magnomatics was founded in 2006 by a group of engineers from the University of Sheffield. Since then the team has grown to over 30 staff. The company is active in many market sectors, including automotive, renewables, marine propulsion, aerospace and oil & gas.

David Latimer, chief executive of Magnomatics, showcased the magnetic gear, which uses permanent magnets to transmit torque between an input and output shaft without mechanical contact, to dignitaries attending the recent launch of the project, including business secretary Dr. Vince Cable.

Magnomatics became an official production partner of The Proving Factory in September 2014 for its MAGSPLIT power split which is currently being evaluated by a number of global automotive customers.

Latimer (pictured, right), said: "Our relationship with The Proving Factory has continued to develop and is a vital element in the commercialisation of our technology. We were really pleased to be invited to attend the official opening of the business, to demonstrate one of our market leading products to the invited guests and particularly to business secretary Dr. Vince Cable. It really was an exciting day for everyone concerned."

Magnomatics' products use powerful permanent magnets to replace traditional mechanical meshing gears in a gear box. MAGSPLIT is particularly suited to hybrid and electric vehicles and magnetic gears have been shown to be more efficient and reliable than the "planetary" gearboxes used in hybrid engine systems.

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