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News: Bramley Aldi plans updated


Plans for a new Rotherham Aldi store have been updated with Britain's fastest growing grocer hoping to open a larger retail outlet at Bramley.

Planning permission was secured last year for a 1,000 sq m store on land currently occupied by lighting and conservatory retail units on Bawtry Road at Bramley.

The new store is expected to open next year and is expected to create 40 jobs.

Since securing permission, Aldi Stores Ltd have secured a small parcel of land adjoining the North West boundary of the site. A slightly larger food store more in line with Aldi's current requirements is now being proposed - totalling 1,104 sq m. The existing building on the extra land will be demolished and the proposed site access off Main Street has been repositioned. The amount of car parking spaces has also increased by eight from the previous planning application to a total of 89.

The proposed store sales area, entrance lobby, warehouse and storage, staff and office facilities have increased, "providing essential enhancements in order to provide an improved service to the of residents of Bramley."

The plans, drawn up by consultants at Planning Potential add: "The increase in retail floor space is so that a larger amount of stock can be displayed at any one time, reducing the need for staff to re-stock shelves, ultimately aiding the customer experience. Aldi do not propose to increase the range of goods on sale and therefore do not envisage that the revised scheme will generate additional visitors compared to the consented scheme."

Applicants have also pointed to the support for the previous plans and the prospect that a proposed foodstore would to lead to a greater number of linked trips, complimenting existing traders nearby.

The next Aldi store to open in Rotherham will be at Gate Park - the new retail development on the site of the former car showroom on Great Eastern Way. Plans have been amended for proposed new Aldi stores in Maltby and Fence.

Aldi announced expansion plans earlier this month that involve opening 130 new stores within the next two years and boosting its 560-store portfolio to 1,000 shops by 2022.

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Unknown April 13, 2016 at 8:26 AM  

April 13th 2016 and the land still lies flat and without a building . Is there a problem?

Tom,  April 13, 2016 at 8:42 AM  

Thanks for your comment Mel. The applicants keep submitting changes to the plans and the local councillors aren't too happy - http://wickersleyward.org.uk/2016/03/latest-aldi-planning-issues/

Unknown November 21, 2016 at 10:27 PM  

Peter Barnes 21 November 2016

Hi Tom: Just seen yours and Mels comments. My mother (owner of the Barnes Trading Estate on Main Street) was dealing with ALDI back in year 2010 together with the landowner of the Lighting Bug site (as a joint venture sale of their land) but when mother passed away on 8/12/2010 the executors of her estate at Oxley & Coward solicitors took it upon themselves together with their managing Agent to advertise units to let on a 3-year lease which held up the sale for 3-years from the onset, otherwise ALDI would have been trading in Bramley about 5 years earlier. The ALDI property acquisitions manager did say to me at the public meeting that if mother hadn’t passed away when she did in December 2010 they would have exchanged contracts of sale within a three months period.

I have a letter from John Healey MP where he basically says Bramley was lucky ALDI stuck it out and this was after I’d put it to him that the RMBC had put an incorrect planning application number on the ALDI planning notice from the onset. Wish you all the best ALDI.

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