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News: Evenort CEO installed as Master Cutler


Craig McKay, CEO of Rotherham-based engineering firm, Evenort Ltd has been installed as Master of the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire.

The cutlers' company dates back to 1624 and the Master Cutler role is seen as an ambassador representing the industries of the Sheffield region, both nationally and internationally.

With its headquarters and production facility at Dinnington, Evenort is a market leader in the machining and processing of stainless steel and nickel alloys to high tolerances.

After schooling in Sheffield and the United States, Craig attended Manchester Polytechnic studying a manufacturing management degree specifically aimed at the clothing industry.

During this time his father had started a business in the steel industry in Sheffield, gifting 25% of the shareholding to each of his sons on day one. By the time Craig graduated, the Polytechnic had become a University and the company Evenort Ltd, had grown into a relatively successful small business. Despite having very good offers to work elsewhere in manufacturing he was persuaded to go into the family business.

Craig has now worked for Evenort Ltd for 20 years. He became a director in 1998 and, at the suggestion of his mentor – Past Master Derrick Willingham, became a Freeman of the Cutlers' Company that same year.

Since then Craig's thinking has been heavily influenced by the Company of Cutlers, and his award winning business now operates in best practice mode with 10% of the workforce in full time apprenticeships, strong engagement with Universities via the Knowledge Transfer Partnership programme and a track record of strong investment in advanced manufacturing.

He is CEO of Evenort Ltd, and sits on the Industrial Advisory board of Sheffield Hallam University and on the Industrial Advisory board of the AMRC Training Centre. He is also Trustee of South Yorkshire Community Foundation, Trustee of Museums Sheffield, and Chairman of the Herbert Hughes Memorial Foundation.

At the age of 45, he is one of the youngest masters in the organisation's 390-year history.

Several hundred Freemen and Friends of the Company attended the ceremony at the historic Cutlers' Hall in Sheffield yesterday. It was followed by the traditional procession of top-hatted members to Sheffield Cathedral for a service.

This process of election, installation and the church service has continued since 1625, with the election of the second Master Cutler. It is not known how the first Master Cutler, Robert Sorby, was installed in 1624, when the Cutlers' Company began.

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