Monday, August 14, 2017

News: Rotherham recruiting a "place manager"


A place manager is being recruited to lead on the business-to-business marketing of Rotherham as a place to invest.

The move follows the successful launch of the Rotherham Pioneers - an exclusive group for Rotherham businesses who want to promote the town, celebrate all that is good, and grow the Rotherham business community.

A major exercise was launched earlier this year using "The Rotherham Story" as a way of promoting the borough. Businesses will act as ambassadors - so-called Rotherham Pioneers - armed with the story and an outward looking mentality. The aim is to change perceptions of Rotherham and raise its profile.

Now a place manager is set to be appointed with responsibility for the Rotherham Pioneer Programme, working to the recently set up Rotherham Place Board, part of the structure of the Rotherham Together Partnership which brings together a wide range of organisations, including major public bodies.


Hosted by Rotherham Council, and initially temporary for two years, the job, which comes with a salary of £41,025 - £43,821, has the key role of "building relationships with new and existing businesses to gain their "buy-in" to the Rotherham Story; develop and deliver a Rotherham Place Plan in conjunction with the Place Board and develop a strategic marketing plan to raise the profile of Rotherham as a place for businesses to locate and invest."

The first major theme of the Rotherham Story focuses on "Engineering Excellence" highlighting the major assets such as the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) and the ethos of major occupiers such as Boeing, Rolls-Royce, and soon-to-be McLaren, and the new enterprises like Xeros and PES that are pioneering disruptive technologies.

The second major focus is on "Living Green" and the perception of the borough as an industrial town but one that is in fact 70% rural. It highlights the quality of life for residents and abundance of country parks, urban parks and green space that can sell the location.

The Rotherham Story culminates in "Pushing Boundaries" - being confident and raising the bar in regeneration and education.

Rotherham Pioneers pay to gain exclusive access to high quality networking events, hear first-hand about new developments and find out about business opportunities. Insights are be given into Rotherham success stories and invitations to company tours are set to follow. Events have already been held at leading manufacturer, AESSEAL, and at Wentworth Woodhouse.

The place board hopes to raise over £100,000 from business contributions.

The job advert reads: "Rotherham is poised to enter a fast-paced and exciting new phase of regeneration and growth. Recent major investment announcements from world-leading businesses such as McLaren, new multi-million pound leisure and tourism investments underway at Gulliver's Valley and Wentworth Woodhouse and completion of a town centre masterplan set the context for an ambitious and motivated person, with experience in place marketing, to join our team."

Rotherham Pioneers website
Rotherham Together Partnership website

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Anonymous,  August 14, 2017 at 2:01 PM  

Rather than bleating on about blue chip companies being brought into the locality and then promoting them, why does the Council not look at local success stories. Why not use local Companies and their stories as a means to attract others into the area. Pick up a list of local Companies and look at their profitability and then use names such as Huthwaite, AES, Ron Hull, Acorn etc. and promote their story of being able to set up and grow profitably and sustainably. Blue chip companies are here today and gone tomorrow when subsidies run out. Local Companies support the local market regardless of subsidies and this should be not passed up by the Council.

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