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News: Youth club receives £4,000 from UKSE and AESSEAL


A Rotherham youth group that promotes the personal and social development of children aged eight to eleven has received funding from UK Steel Enterprise (UKSE) and AESSEAL to help fund its activities over the next 12 months.

The funding provided by UKSE - a subsidiary of Tata Steel tasked with assisting the economic regeneration of communities affected by changes in the steel industry – and AESSEAL, manufacturer of mechanical seals and support systems, will provide Brampton Junior Youth Club with operational funding to cover the costs of service provision.

Provided from the UKSE Charitable Fund managed by the South Yorkshire Community Fund (SYCF), a charitable endowment funding programme that raises and distributes grants to community projects across South Yorkshire, the funding from UKSE and AESSEAL will continue the increased access to local services for the children of Brampton.

Brampton Junior Youth Club, established in 2005 and based at Cortonwood Comeback Centre, supports children's learning, enhances their achievement and contributes to social welfare and community development through the provision of weekly centre-based sessions ran by qualified youth workers.

Providing a safe-haven and structured learning space for children in the Brampton area, the group also offers a holiday activity scheme which encompasses issue-based workshops, activities and trips.


Denise Lelliot, leader at Brampton Junior Youth Club, said: "We are delighted to have secured this funding from UKSE, preserving the provision of our youth club for a further 12 months.

"Brampton is amongst the top 14 per cent most deprived areas nationwide, with the most severe form of deprivation manifesting itself in education, leading to low attainment and qualification levels.

"Our services allow some of the most socially excluded and disadvantaged young people to be engaged in the local community, as we continue to present them with the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and understanding of society."

Alongside providing social inclusion measures, Brampton Junior Youth Club also operates an early intervention approach to reduce the risk of children being caught up in "at-risk" behaviour.

Keith Williams, regional manager at UKSE, said: "Youth clubs play an important role in the community, particularly in deprived areas. As well as promoting mental and physical wellbeing, Brampton Junior Youth Club provides a safe haven and an environment which encourages the development of social skills and self-esteem, crucial for the future development of the children."

Ruth Willis, chief executive of SYCF, added: "A large amount of the grants we distribute to local community organisations are for projects working with children and young people. These groups work to meet the needs of these young people, to grow their potential, their ambitions and to give them a better start in life.

"Without groups like Brampton Junior Youth Club, so many of our young people would be worse off. We are proud to enable the funding from UKSE and AESSEAL to have such profound impact on local lives and thank them for their continued generosity."

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UKSE website
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