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News: Xeros secures second Symphony project


As Xeros heads to Las Vegas to showcase its latest innovation in domestic laundry, the Rotherham firm has announced that it has signed a development agreement with another leading manufacturer of commercial washing machines.

Based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP), Xeros is a Leeds University spin-out that has developed a patented system using a unique method of special polymer beads rather than the usual large amounts of fresh water to clean clothes.

The Symphony Project involves a simple retrofit pedestal that integrates the polymer bead cleaning system into conventional machinery, enabling its revolution in laundry to be brought to market by leading manufacturers.

Like the first, the second OEM has not been named. Instead they are described as "a leader in commercial laundry machines with a significant presence in many major markets across the world."

Xeros, which recently announced a new share placing to raise £25m for R&D, will incorporate its open source technology in the OEM's machine for the purposes of technical validation and testing. Following the testing phase the parties anticipate the commencement of commercial negotiations.

In April 2017, Xeros launched Symphony Project, providing open source access to its innovative polymer technology to manufacturers of commercial washing machines. At the Clean Show in Las Vegas in June 2017 Xeros demonstrated its first fully working prototype and in September 2017, Xeros announced its first Symphony agreement with a major global OEM.


Xeros has said that it is "making allies of former competitors." With minimal disruption to the manufacturing process, the pedestal, which is compatible with nearly any size or brand of conventional commercial washing machine, can be integrated through a relatively simple process at the end of a manufacturer's production line.

The focus for Xeros is raising revenue through the beads themselves rather than the capital intensive focus on producing the machines themselves.

Mark Nichols, chief executive at Xeros, said: "This represents a further significant milestone for our Cleaning Technologies business. The scale and market presence of another OEM partner demonstrates the industry's increasing understanding and acceptance of our technology.

"With a proven technology, and growing demand for the sustainability, performance and economic benefits our technology delivers, Symphony Project will enable us to significantly accelerate the commercialisation of our technology."

Xeros will be at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week to demonstrate its latest domestic machine design. Researchers have been working on a prototype which targets simple changes for the incorporation of Xeros' technology within any domestic washing machine.

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