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News: Very Lazy design by Beatson Clark


Rotherham glass manufacturer Beatson Clark continues to find success with its bespoke approach to packaging.

The Greasborough Road firm, which has been making glass bottles and jars in Rotherham since 1751, specialises in providing glass packaging solutions for niche brands in the food, drink and pharmaceutical markets worldwide.

The Very Lazy range of ready-chopped ingredients is to get a new look thanks to glass manufacturer Beatson Clark.

Using the latest sculpting software, Beatson Clark's in-house design team has created a new 8oz square jar with the Very Lazy® logo embossed on two sides which will appear on shelves at the end of March.

The Very Lazy range of time-saving ingredients for busy cooks includes chopped garlic, chopped ginger, smoked chopped garlic and chopped red chillies, all preserved in white wine vinegar.

Emma Freeman, brand manager for Very Lazy, said: "The whole process of working with Beatson Clark is easy and painless. We've worked with Beatson Clark for a long time and their design team, headed up by Dean Arey, is very experienced."

Nine out of every ten bespoke designs Beatson Clark produces includes unique embossing – names, slogans, logos or patterns embossed on the glass to enhance its appeal and make the container truly unique.

Over the past decade, Beatson Clark has invested £22m on improvements in Rotherham as part of the company's commitment to improve quality and maintain excellent customer service.


Advances in technology have revolutionised what designers can now achieve with embossing, and using the latest sculpting software means that the results are better defined and easier to manufacture.

Unlike traditional embossing, sculptured embossing can be achieved on multiple levels, creating intricate, lifelike detail and depth. This technology can be used to achieve textured effects such as wood grain and fruit peel, and it can also enhance the definition of scripted text and brand icons.

Lynn Sidebottom, sales and marketing director at Beatson Clark, said: "This is a good example of how a little creative design and embossing can really help to reinforce a brand.

"We have many years' experience of working with the food industry and an in-house team of expert designers who have the skills and creativity to fulfil any brief."

Beatson Clark website

Images: Beatson Clark


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