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News: NIKKEN at 60


Expanding engineering firm, NIKKEN Kosakusho Europe is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its Japanese parent company.

With European headquarters on the Barbot Hall Industrial Estate, Nikken enjoys a global dominance of the rotary table technology market and supply manufacturers operating in the aerospace, defence, motorsport, automotive and medical sectors.

2015 saw the opening of a new demonstration and customer support centre - the NIKKEN Innovation Centre Europe on the nearby Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham - packed with advanced equipment to help companies become more competitive by increasing production rates and quality while reducing costs.

As part of a year long celebration of the milestone, the current president of NIKKEN Kosakusho Works Ltd., Mr Akiharu Nagahama, made a presentation to staff in the UK at both Rotherham sites earlier this year.

The first products to be designed and manufactured by NIKKEN were the milling chuck and universal rotary and tilt manual table, the evolution of these designs has been developed over the last sixty years and remain a key part of the product range offered today. The latest variants are pushing the boundaries of performance and showcase cutting edge features including Industry 4.0 integration for smart manufacturing.

When making his presentations to employees, Mr. Nagahama referred to the achievements made over the last 60 years and how the sixtieth anniversary was the marking of the changing of an era – a clock face is divided in to 60 minutes and the natural cycle is believed to begin again, progressing to the next phase after sixty years – something that the NIKKEN Group of companies are poised to do with a number of exciting projects currently in the pipeline.

The word NIKKEN translates into "Everyday Study and Research" a principle adopted by all the staff in their daily pursuit of excellence in their work.


Nikken Kosakusho Works Ltd. was created in 1958. The European arm was incorporated in 1989 and so will be celebrating its 30th anniversary next year.

The decision to invest around £7m in new facilities on the AMP in Rotherham saw the company create its first production base outside Japan and is part of a move to get closer to its customers.

Nagahama (pictured, right with Tony Bowkett, group managing director at Nikken Kosakusho Europe), explained: "This facility allows us to integrate knowledge and information from our development teams in Japan and abroad to build better tools.

"England has a very advanced aircraft market, which gives us more opportunities to pick up information and gain more exposure to industry people and technology."

The first phase of the NIKKEN Innovation Centre Europe (NICe) is complete and plans were recently approved for a second phase which will increase the gross floor area from 8,800 sq ft to 19,000 sq ft across the two phases. It will add an open plan light manufacturing area, structural bays, office space, staff room and associated facilities.

The centre is hosting an open house event this Thursday (May 10).

NIKKEN Kosakusho Europe website

Images: NIKKEN


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