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News: Latest on Rotherham tip reopening


Grange Landfill has met all pre-operational conditions for their permit to dump waste on Droppingwell, Rotherham and the Environment Agency (EA) is waiting on an intention to commence operations on site.

When landfilling operations ceased at the site, the planning permission and environmental permit allowing landfilling activity in January 1978 remained in place. The Environment Agency said it has been obliged to consider any proposal to resume landfilling and to allow the resumption of landfilling if the operator could demonstrate that the new activity complied with current landfill regulations and environmental standards.

The permit variation granted in March 2016 allows for 150,000 tonnes of inert waste to be imported, and 55,000 tonnes of waste for restoration, each year.

All pre-operational conditions have now been fulfilled by the operator and agreed with the EA's technical specialist. Construction of both the surface water management system and landfill infrastructure is now expected.


EA also confirmed that it has received notification that the operator will, within the next 18 months, commence work to prepare the site before any installation work or major engineering infrastructure work commences. Initially this will involve repairs to security fencing, constructing a site office, compound and installing haul roads around the site.

Concerns had been raised about the environment, previous activity on the site, as well as the impact on local residents and amenities such as nearby facilities for Millmoor Juniors Football Club and the Peter Cowen Golf Academy.

Concerns have also been raised regarding the people behind the permit application but the EA has carried out its Fit and Proper Person assessments appropriately and in accordance with the designated criteria and consider Grange Landfill Limited is a competent operator.

Cllr. Maggi Clark, who represents the area, said: "The agreement of the permit is deeply disappointing for us. It is unthinkable that this beauty spot will be torn up and turned into a tip. On behalf of all residents I urge the Environment Agency to rethink it's position."

Cllr. Emma Hoddinott, Cabinet Member for Waste at Rotherham Council, added: "Though the beginning of tipping is not imminent, this granting of the permit is one step towards that. The council will look at all avenues to stop this tip going forward, but ultimately the Environment Agency needs to look at it's handling of this permit."

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