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News: Council's proposals for extending selective licensing in Rotherham


Rotherham Council is reviewing its selective licensing scheme before they come to the end of the first five year period during which licences have been required.

The powers are used in four areas where a licence fee for each property must be paid for by the landlord or agent and where each licence contains a set of conditions that the landlord must meet.

The aim is to tackle the low housing demand and significant and persistent levels of antisocial behaviour related to the private rented sector and gives the Council greater powers to intervene where problems arise.

A consultation is required on extending the licences and the authority is also proposing to add parts of the "Little London" estate in Maltby to the designated area.

The move comes as the Council's cabinet agreed to add two further selective licensing areas covering over 400 privately rented properties in parts of Thurcroft and Parkgate.


Cllr Dominic Beck, Rotherham Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing said: "Selective licensing improves the standard of housing for entire neighbourhoods. It leads to more reliable, longer term tenancies; higher quality and safer housing standards; reduced levels of homelessness; and increased property and rent values which in turn helps create greater community cohesion."

He added there is a high reliance on the private sector for housing in both Thurcroft and Parkgate as there is high unemployment, poor health, and higher levels of crime than the average.

In all of the designated areas, some 2,367 houses, the Council has been able to licence 98% of private rented housing, with the remaining properties being subject to enforcement action, to either ensure the property is licensed, or deliver a criminal or civil penalty for failing to licence.

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