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News: Rotherham firm gets exclusive first look at Gulliver’s Valley


Rotherham-based visual media company, LensGo, have been appointed to capture the Gulliver's Valley build at Rother Valley, from concept to completion.

The new Gulliver's Valley theme park in Rotherham is being built in phases and LensGo has joined forces with the Gulliver's team to capture some remarkable footage of the process.

Phase 1 of construction at the £38m project is well underway on land adjacent to Rother Valley Country Park.

Gulliver's Valley is to be a year round destination aimed at 2 - 13 year olds and include a theme park hub, woodland adventure centre, ecology and education centre, lodges, hotels and a holiday village.

LensGo has been allowed exclusive access to the site to utilise their drone technology, time-lapse photography and film to capture the theme park transform from the land of a former pit.


Julie Dalton, managing director at Gulliver's Theme Parks, said: "We are so pleased with the work LensGo have completed to date and can't wait to release the footage. It was important for us to use local companies throughout the build process. We're excited to welcome many visitors to our new attraction but there's so much we can do until we open to give back to the local economy.

"We heard about LensGo and their MD Stuart when he filmed a local martial arts school enjoying a fun day out at our Matlock site, and he has since worked with us capturing content on our parks. We're excited to see the end result and it'll be available to everyone to view once complete to watch how we shaped the history of the area."

The firm recently released a sneak peek of the site's "Western World" where guests will be able to explore individual sections such as the Sheriff's Office, Bank and General Store. The main structures for the street are in place and in the coming months Gulliver's will be including rides and attractions that will compliment the western theme.

Stuart, managing director of LensGo, said: "We're thrilled to be part of such an exciting project and especially one that's right on our doorstep. We visit the site every month to capture the latest developments. It's fascinating to be part of the process and to see how quickly it's coming together.

"I launched LensGo just over a year ago, after a career as a cameraman. Securing a contract with Gulliver's has given us a real boost. We can't wait to see how the site unfolds."

Gulliver's Valley Theme Park and Resort is set to open in Spring 2020.

Gulliver's Valley website
LensGo website

Images: LensGo / Gulliver's


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