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News: Gala Tent tightens grip on industry


Rotherham-based Gala Tent has acquired an important patent which relates to the fixings used on its marquees and gazebos.

Founded in 1999, Gala Tent is one of the UK's leading producers of marquees, tents and gazebos. It has grown to sell over 15,000 tents and marquees each year, along with around 100,000 event accessories and furniture products. It grew from a table top operation in Grimethorpe to a company with a turnover of £10m having moved into new 53,000 sq ft headquarters at Fairfield Park in Manvers in 2011.

The patent relates to the manufacture and use of new type of fixing known as Spirotite. This type of fastener has all the advantages of threaded fasteners – without the disadvantages of the thread. Whereas thread can work loose under vibration and makes maintenance difficult and sometimes costly, this innovative fastener works on compression, so it is not affected by vibration, and will not work loose.

Spirotite fittings are seen as safer and more secure than traditional threaded fittings and offer a faster set up and lower maintenance of a product. It is also much more effective than a traditional nut and bolt system, which is less secure, less durable and can easily become loose. Due to the faster production process, Spirotite fasteners are also lower cost to produce, so are more affordable for the end user.


Jason Mace, group CEO at Gala Tent (pictured, right), said: "We are really excited about this innovation, which is suitable for a wide range of applications, from automotive to tool manufacturing to engineering. As well as being an extremely effective and user-friendly product, Spirotite is produced to the highest quality standards here in the UK.

"The grant of these key patents strengthens Gala Tent's position as a consolidator of IP in this space and provides our customers with access to a wider range of opportunities and potential development of further applications."

Mark Thompson, CEO at Gala Tent (pictured, left), added: "We have developed an innovative fastener that is set to revolutionise the way fasteners are used in industry.

"The idea for Spirotite was originally developed for Gala Tent for its marquee joint and it means that all the company's structures are easier and safer to erect. The fixing can also be scaled for the larger commercial modular structures, which will also enhance the security of the marquee, and speeding up the erection time in the process."

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