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News: Kickstart your business with an apprentice


RNN Training has launched an Employer Promise campaign and are asking employers across South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire to pledge their support to ensure that young people are given every opportunity to secure employment in their chosen sector.

There are over 700,000 young people due to leave school or college this year. They are faced with an economy that has shrunk by an incredible 25% in the last four months, and incredible uncertainty when it comes to their prospects of entering the labour market – the Association of Colleges estimate that over half will struggle to find meaningful employment.

The group, which works with with Rotherham College, North Notts College, Dearne Valley College and University Centre Rotherham (UCR), is asking local businesses to support this at-risk generation in whatever way they can.

The recent Government announcement of the "Kickstart Scheme" and its role in creating new jobs for young people, is a potentially fantastic way to breathe new life into the economy and your business.

Businesses can get advice on getting the most out of a funded work placement, a traineeship or an apprenticeship; and get help business to identify potential new roles that a young person could fill, talk through options when it comes to drawing Government funding, and help to access the recently announced grants of up to £2,000 per apprentice.

James Godsell, director of employer partnerships at RNN Group, said: "We welcome the Chancellor's announcement of the Kickstart Scheme. We see, through our existing network of 700 employers, the impact that young people have on business.

WLatest figures suggest that 91% of apprentices are retained in employment, or further training and the beauty of today's apprenticeships is that they have been designed and approved by industry. So, as well as getting a fresh burst of enthusiasm to your business, an apprentice can within a short time-period be a trained professional with exactly the skills you require.

"We know that not every business is going to be in a position to take on an apprentice – or offer a funded work placement to a college leaver – and take advantage of the bonuses and grants available for doing so. But we believe every business can play a part in providing opportunities to ensure that talented young people aren't left behind, and retain their interest in entering their industry.

"We are asking businesses to pledge whatever they can, whether it be voluntary work experience, a toolbox talk to a group of students, engaging in our Employer Academies, or any other activity that will keep these talented young people engaged whilst the economy recovers from the shockwaves of COVID-19."

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Anonymous,  August 24, 2020 at 12:48 PM  

The first time I took an apprentice on from the college for my office the student turned up for two days never to be seen again. We then cycled through another five over the next month who couldn't be bothered to turn up for more than a couple of days or wanted to play on their phones instead of working. Two years ago I gave them another chance and took on another apprentice who lasted a year before I found out he hadn't completed 20% of his coursework. He had been meeting the assessor monthly in our office and having a day off every other week to go and do his work in college supposedly with the assessor. I believe the tutor was "reassigned" by the college. I must have really bad luck.

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