Friday, November 6, 2020

News: Research firm planning Rotherham relocation


A group of life science companies are planning to consolidate their brands onto one site in Rotherham so that they can continue to expand. The move would bring together research and development labs, some of which are working on developing COVID-19 testing kits.

Molecular Dimensions Limited is planning to take Unit 5a of the R-evolution Phase 3 scheme at the world-renowned Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham.

The firm is part of a number of similar firms under the Calibre Scientific portfolio.

A planning application shows that the 17,359 sq. ft. unit is set to be expanded with the installation of a mezzzanine level that would enable Calibre Scientific to consolidate its UK companies onto one site which will provide a head office and central facility for the business in the UK.

The aim is to double staff numbers from 23 employees to 43 employees in the next three years.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Los Angeles, USA, Calibre Scientific is a diversified global developer, manufacturer and distributor of consumable products in the life sciences and diagnostics markets. The business has continually expanded through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions, and today has a broad portfolio of more than 3,000 products, which it sells into over 100 countries worldwide.

Calibre Scientific’s 6,000+ customers include blue-chip biopharmaceutical companies, leading academic institutions and diagnostics companies.

Life sciences includes research, innovation and the use of technology to transform health and care service.

The application, submitted jointly with Harworth Estates Investments Limited and drawn up by agents, Barton Willmore, explains: "Calibre Scientific represents a portfolio of niche life science companies, spanning across various medical and scientific markets who address the unique challenges of their respective markets. Through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth, their global reach extends into over 53 countries. Molecular Dimensions Limited is one of those companies who is currently based in Sheffield.

"In the UK, Calibre Scientific have two research and development facilities: one based in The Innovation Centre, Sheffield and one in Guilford. These two sites are home to four of the thirteen life science brands and include BioServUk, Kalon Biological, Molecular Dimensions and Protein Ark.

"All the company brands contribute towards the research, development, production, and supply of life sciences. In particular, BioServUK expertise is in antibodies and have recently developed COVID-19 testing kits and are involved in the research for Covid-19 and diagnostic tools.

"Calibre Scientific is seeking to consolidate the company brands onto one site as well as combining both the research and development facilities (labs) with the management and administrative teams. They are seeking to have all employees in one building and want to double their staff from 23 employees to 43 employees in the next three years (by 2023).

"The research and development undertaken by Calibre Scientific is vital to our day to day living and this has been proven in recent months with the research and technology contribution they have made towards the Covid-19 testing. The aim to consolidate its staff is logical given there is several brands in the UK all owned by Calibre Scientific who want to combine its facilities to benefit all its brands, and also the expansion plans which are a result of the market needs.

"Given the nature of the research and development undertaken by Calibre Scientific, a UK base at the AMP would be a compelling choice for the company and a good fit for the user profile at AMP. The building’s use is fit for purpose, albeit the need for further floorspace to enable expansion and also to ensure each working space is Covid -19 compliant, hence the need for this planning application."

Molecular Dimensions website

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