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News: Temporary town centre hold ups will be worth it


Roadworks at the Westgate-Main Street area of Rotherham mark the start of the first scheme to improve public spaces in the Rotherham Renaissance project for the town centre. They will complement the £37m All Saints’ Quarter developments, bounded by Westgate, Main Street, the River Don and All Saints’ Square. The council has written to business people in the area to explain the scheme, showing how ultimately it could make the town centre safer and more attractive. The main aims of the scheme include introducing new rustic stone flags for a widened paved area and possibly creating a new piece of public art. Lighting will be introduced to making the area feel safer at night for pedestrians and wherever possible access to properties will be made level to assist the disabled. The three lanes of traffic outside Imperial Buildings will be reduced to two, making the pedestrian crossing easier and safer to use.
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Anonymous,  April 15, 2008 at 3:07 PM  

The team behind Rotherham’s latest town-centre road and public space improvements are appealing to drivers to take more careful note of the diversion signs.

Roadworks around the Corporation-Main Street junctions will improve the area for pedestrians and road-users alike. But some hitches have arisen because drivers are not following signs for the new routes.

"Most drivers are taking to the diversions really well," said the strategic director of the council’s Environment & Development Services, Karl Battersby. "But some, perhaps because they're so used to the old routes, are either missing the signs or are not reading them properly.

He said the council realised that some disruption to the area has occurred over the last week, but thanked pedestrians, drivers and businesses for their support and for bearing with them while they make these improvements to the area.

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