Friday, July 4, 2008

News: Kevin uses his loaf in becoming business owner


With the help of the Commercial department of Rotherham Solicitors Oxley & Coward, Kevin Rowbottom is now the boss of B Thornton & Sons bakers in Masbrough, Rotherham, where he has worked for 27 years. "For £2 a week every Sunday, I washed the bakery van,” explains Kevin. “The connection was made from there on, and I started at the bakery proper 27 years ago, doing deliveries and odd jobs. I have worked there ever since. It has been my life for almost 30 years so when the opportunity came up to buy it, I was naturally interested." As well as help and advice from Oxley & Coward, Kevin is grateful to Alliance & Leicester, South Yorkshire Investment Fund, and UK Steel Enterprise, all of whom have worked co-operatively in helping secure Kevin’s buy-out of the bakery with loan funding. Corporate finance and accountancy services have been provided by Allotts, another Rotherham firm. The bakery operates from 10pm-6am producing thousands of bread cakes a day for local shops, supermarkets and sandwich businesses across Rotherham and South Yorkshire. It employs 8 people and all the bread is made traditionally.
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