Friday, July 25, 2008

News: Rotherham printers celebrate Japanese style


PrintWeek report on the 50th anniversary celebration of Rotherham Print firm, B&B Press. The company has marked the purchase of two Sakurai presses in its 50th anniversary year with a sake drum ceremony attended by Ryuta Sakurai, the Japanese manufacturer's president. The Rotherham-based family business completed the £1m installation of the 475SDC and 575SDC models last week. Its staff were treated to a traditional Japanese drum breaking ritual and servings of the alcoholic drink sake to mark the occasion. Managing director Barry Liversidge said: "We are doing well as a company during these hard economic times. This investment marks an auspicious time in B&B's history. By coincidence, this is also our company's 50th press purchase. "We decided to use Sakurai because it will help us curb our downtime and improve efficiency. We are not planning to hit any new markets this year, but hope to retain a lot of current business." B&B also announced it was considering further digital investment.
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