Thursday, July 10, 2008

News: Rotherham takes delivery of UK's largest fork lift trucks


TNN's Biglorryblog reports on the two 60-tonne SMV forklift trucks supplied to the Multiserv Group's site in Rotherham. Multiserv handles the steel mill services for its client, Corus Engineering Steels at Aldwarke and when Corus introduced a new casting operation the largest lift trucks ever supplied in the UK where required to handle 40-tonnes of steel blooms at temperatures of up to 800 degrees. Brian Kilminster, senior operations manager at Multiserv, told Biglorryblog: "When we understood the new process it was clear we'd need a forklift to move the steel between the casters and the cooling stillages. This steel is the highest grade product that Corus makes and is used for high performance, safety critical applications in the automotive industry, such as gearboxes for Formula 1 engines, as well as in energy generation. A single cast can be worth as much as £50,000 and needs to be moved through several processes to meet stringent cooling requirements." There wasn't a truck in existence that could do what Multiserv needed it to do. So having undertaken a detailed site review Cooper SH designed a special seven fork carriage attachment for the two 60-tonne machines.


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