Wednesday, September 10, 2008

News: Government looks to Rotherham as the future of manufacturing


As the government launches a new framework for UK manufacturers, parliamentary under secretary of state for business and competitiveness, Baroness Shriti Vadera praised Rotherham's Advanced Manufacturing Park. Aimed at improving technology networks, the AMP will be joined by similar developments in Glasgow and Coventry and supported by an investment of £24 million into research central to high vale added manufacturing. The strategy also aims to help UK manufacturers seize the opportunities of the low carbon economy which is already in evidence at the Environmental Energy Technology Centre at the AMP. The strategy brings together almost £150 million of medium term support for UK manufacturing, and sets out Government's view of what the sector needs for success in the long term. Other key areas include skills, apprenticeships, changing the image of manufacturing, global competitiveness and export. Business Secretary John Hutton said: "We are the world's sixth largest manufacturer - the industry accounts for over half our exports, contributes £150 billion to the economy and around three million jobs. But we need to recognise that the global landscape is changing so we can help UK manufacturers stay ahead of the game." Skills Secretary John Denham said: "We want to support innovation in UK manufacturing by maintaining a world-class research and development infrastructure. "Building on the successes of our innovation strategy, we'll continue to drive innovation in high-value manufacturing, with the Technology Strategy Board investing an additional £24m in research and development to help British manufacturers not only maintain but increase their technological and innovative edge over global competitors."
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