Friday, November 7, 2008

News: Metals manufacturing; the skills landscape, 2008 and beyond


The Innovation Technology Centre on the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham is hosting this year's Special Metals Forum later this month. Organised by NAMTEC, this year's Special Metals Forum event "Metals Manufacturing" will focus on skills and training. This is recognised as a problem area by many different parts of the special metals sector. There are not enough young people entering the sector and those that do, often lack the required skills. The increased use of technology makes it all the more important for companies to maintain training throughout their employees' careers. The training and skills provision for the engineering sector at all levels is extremely complex, with a range of private and public organisations providing services. The aim of the event is to give companies an overview of the skills landscape from schools through to engineering institutes. The presentations will help companies to identify ways in which they can help to reverse the skills shortage. They will also clarify the roles of different organisations and discuss the funding opportunities available nationally. Speakers will represent companies, Rolls-Royce, AESSEAL and Bodycote and support agencies, NAMTEC, the LSC, Business Link and Higher Futures. The full day event takes place on November 26.
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