Thursday, November 20, 2008

News: Government launch £25 million fund for women's enterprise


The Government has launched the Aspire Fund - a £25 million investment fund for women-led businesses - to be jointly funded by the Government and private sector. The Aspire Investment Fund will act as a beacon to encourage women with businesses to seek appropriate equity finance and will also demonstrate to the business community what investment opportunities already exist from businesses being run by women. Accessed via Business Link and managed by Capital for Enterprise Limited, the first of its kind and will receive over £12.5 million in funding from the Department for Business to be matched by a further £12.5 million from private sector investment. Minister for Economic Competitiveness and Small Business, Shriti Vadera said: "There are 20% more people in enterprise in the US than in Britain, and the majority of that gap is made up of women. Getting more women entrepreneurs is an economic issue not just an equality issue. If we were to match US levels of women's enterprise there would be 900,000 new businesses in the UK. "There is a wealth of untapped talent and economic opportunity that could significantly boost the economy in these uncertain times. The Women's Investment Fund marks the Government's strong commitment to support women in business".


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