Wednesday, November 19, 2008

News: New Chamber vice president elected in Rotherham


The Chamber of Commerce has confirmed Chris MacCormac’s election as the Chamber’s new vice-president in Rotherham. Chris will succeed the current Rotherham Chamber president Rob Hannon at the 2009 Chamber AGM. Chris is Chief Executive of Morthyng, a charitable training company that operates across the UK, but based in Rotherham. He has been an active member of the Chamber since 1997, has previously held a position on the Chamber Board and is currently a member of the CSS Board. Chris said: "I am delighted to be elected as vice president to this dynamic and innovative Chamber, which truly represents and seeks views of all Rotherham employers in the private, public and third sectors. "The thoughts of following such current and former presidents is very daunting but also challenging. Partnership and quality are the vehicles that have served the Chamber well and will continue to help us support Rotherham, its employers and people in these forthcoming turbulent times."
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