Wednesday, November 26, 2008

News: Rotherham firm respond to Pre-Budget Report


Staff at Martek Marine, the award-winning Rotherham firm, have given their first reactions to the Government's Pre-Budget Report. Martek's finance director, Neil Preston hoped the actions in the report would help their suppliers and told The Yorkshire Post: "One or two suppliers keep ringing up and asking how we are. We don't want them to be decimated and where we might benefit most is from our suppliers. "We are better placed than most. We've got a reasonably long order book. "Longer term the key is to keep confidence and employment going otherwise it's a bit of a vicious circle." On the proposed Small Business Finance Scheme, Preston told the paper: "We will have to see what's in the scheme. But £1bn spread across the whole country does not mean a great deal at the end of the day." Colleague, Steve Couslon, Martek's marketing director, told The Star: "It seems this government is more concerned with keeping consumers spending than keeping the cogs of British industry moving. "We don't see any positives in this budget and in the long run we expect SMEs to pay for short-sighted tactics with long-term taxes and penalties."
Yorkshire Post article
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