Friday, December 5, 2008

News: Matrix @ Dinnington, Rotherham's latest business centre


A new purpose-built business centre in the former colliery township of Dinnington, in Rotherham is set to open early in 2009. Matrix @ Dinnington is the fourth of Rotherham Borough Council’s centres aimed at encouraging and supporting entrepreneurs, and the first in the south of the borough. The other three – Century, at Manvers, Moorgate Crofts, just off the town centre, and Fusion @ Magna, at Templeborough – have all helped hundreds of people start up in business. RiDO works on a daily basis with 105 new-start enterprises. It has played a part in incubating more than 600 new businesses, which in turn created more than 3,000 new jobs. The manager of its enterprise team, Geoff Link, said: "Even in these difficult economic times, running your own business can be a viable option. As people are laid off, many will be wondering where they go from here. Our experience in the last recession was that there was a surge in people starting up." In Dinnington alone, RiDO’s business adviser there, Rachel Clark, has helped more than 220 individuals, got about 100 on to training courses, and helped start 47 new businesses. The result – 108 new jobs. She said: "Just like our advisers in the rest of the borough, I’ve found a huge well of talent here in the south of Rotherham. I’m sure there are lots more people out there with business ideas we can help with. And our services are all free!" Designed in house and constructed by Wildgoose, Matrix will be run by co-ordinator Sarah Hanson, who has gained experience in the other centres.
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