Tuesday, December 23, 2008

News: Rotherham firm helping manufacturers reduce carbon emissions


Inertius Ltd, based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park’s Innovation Technology Centre, is developing an inert anode that will replace the currently used carbon anodes and eliminate the release of carbon dioxide during the refining of aluminium. About 100 million tonnes of carbon dioxide is released into the earth’s atmosphere every year from using the current process. Similar opportunities exist for other metals particularly titanium and niobium. A £120,000 investment from South Yorkshire Investment Fund is helping Inertius get its patented technology to market. The inert anode technology, devised by Professor Animesh Jha at the University of Leeds, is moving into the next stage of its development with the loan from SYIF. The money will be used to fulfil a prestigious project with professors at the University of Auckland, a world leader in electrochemical metal production processes. Inertius chief executive, Richard Wright said: "Not only will this process mean a huge reduction in the industry’s carbon footprint and benefit the environment but it will also save companies vast sums of money. "The investment from SYIF allows us to focus on the next stage of development including work in South Yorkshire, Leeds and Auckland Universities. It also means we can pour some resources into forming industrial partnerships, which will help us get the system to market as soon as possible." Peter Pridham, Investment Manager at SYIF, said: "It is ground breaking developments such as this that have given our region its rich industrial heritage and Inertius is proving that legacy is alive and well with a system that will benefit the aluminium industry around the world"
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