Friday, January 23, 2009

News: Long term Rotherham transport projects to be endorsed


The Regional Transport Board of the Yorkshire & Humber Assembly will meet today to endorse £265m worth of long term transport projects for the region. Pre 2014 schemes are set to be re-endorsed. For Rotherham these include the Northern and Southern routes of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, the Waverley Link road and improvements to the Todwick crossroads on the A57, Bawtry Road and Centeneray Way. Projects commencing after 2014 are also set to be endorsed. For Rotherham these include improving the A57 and improving access to Rotherham town centre from the North. Rail upgrades and dualling access to Rotherham Central Station are included projects to improve the connectivity between Sheffield and Leeds and Sheffield and London. The system that would see tram-trains run exclusively on heavy rail lines between Huddersfield and Sheffield is also to be endorsed. Phase 2 of the pilot could see the tram-train concept extended to Rotherham.


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