Monday, June 29, 2009

News: Acquisition gets seal of approval


Ashton Seals Ltd, based in the Dearne Valley has acquired Bonded Seals Ltd, a major distributor of bonded seals.

Specialising in the distribution of O-Rings and other sealing products, the acquisition fits perfectly into Ashton Seals Ltd's portfolio.

Tim Wills, Chairman of Ashton Seals Ltd, said that this must be one of the most exciting opportunities in the 143 years of trading for The Ashton Group: "It will cement our position as the UK's leading independent distributor of seals."

The combined operation will continue initially in the two locations of Wales and South Yorkshire to ensure the service to customers remains of the highest order.

Tim Wills added: "In 2003 we acquired the gasket manufacturer Clough (Croydon) Ltd and successfully integrated the business within a matter of weeks into our 31,000 sq ft premises, resulting in significant cost and distribution benefits for our customers. I fully anticipate a similar result when we relocate Bonded Seals Ltd into our premises at Cortonwood."

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