Tuesday, July 7, 2009

News: Acorn Industrial Services come to Hammond's rescue


Acorn Industrial Services in Rotherham recently came to Richard Hammond's rescue after he was informed by major distributors that the bearing he needed to restore his 1963 Opel Kadett was obsolete.

After buying his Opel Kadett "Oliver" in Botswana and driving across Africa for one of BBC Top Gear's challenges, Richard brought the car back to the UK to restore. However, the renovation came to a halt when the garage struggled to source the obsolete bearing.

Finally the garage contacted Gloucester Bearings who turned to their distributor Acorn Industrial Services to see if they could find the rare bearing.

As well as stocking over 32,000 products, Acorn specialise in sourcing bearings, power transmission products, seals and ancillary products.

Des Spillings, sales director of Acorn Industrial Services said: "The Richard Hammond case is a perfect example of how we can help our customers. Despite major distributors reporting the bearing as obsolete, we took the time to promptly hunt down and deliver the required product. This is just one of the ways we add value to our customers."

Acorn Industrial website

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