Tuesday, July 14, 2009

News: Students build hope having made £5 Blossom in Rotherham


In the current economic climate, students from six local schools have created hope for the future through highly successful enterprise projects.

As part of the Rotherham Ready "Make £5 Blossom" initiative students from Wath Central Primary, Brinsworth Whitehill Primary, Hilltop Special School, Catcliffe Primary, Aston Hall J&I and St Thomas CofE in Kilnhurst have worked with local business representatives to develop their business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit by starting up small enterprise projects with a loan of £150 from the business.

Support came from In Touch Care, The Ultimate Balloon Company, Inside Out Schools, SYPTE, Sigma IT and Barnsley Rotherham Chamber's Enterprise Division.

Jacqui Saxon of The Ultimate Balloon Company said: "This is the second time I have supported a local primary school through the Make £5 Blossom initiative and I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the experiences I have had.

"The children are both motivated and offer innovative ideas - it's always a pleasure to work in such a positive environment. I've even recommended the project to other colleagues so that they can experience the impact enterprise is having in Rotherham schools"

Keeley Worthington of Brinsworth Whitehill Primary said: "This has been my first experience of getting involved with the Rotherham Ready project. As a teacher I've seen the children more excited and engaged than ever. In addition, having the support of a business partner who is keen to help at every opportunity has been fantastic for the school and helped to raise aspirations with our students.

"I'm really keen to keep the enterprise buzz going next year as part of our full time curriculum."

The Ultimate Balloon Company website
Rotherham Ready website

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