Tuesday, September 29, 2009

News: Fuel cell installation complete at AMP


UPS Systems has successfully installed the fuel cells into the Hydrogen Mini Grid System (HMGS) on the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham.

The HMGS has been developed by energy consultancy, TNEI Services Ltd and hydrogen specialists the Pure Energy Centre and is designed to produce and store "green" hydrogen energy generated by a 225kW wind turbine to power the Advanced Manufacturing Park Technology Centre and make it self sufficient.

Capable of producing in excess of 500MWh a year the grid will make the building the first in Europe fuelled solely by wind and "green" hydrogen power.

During testing, UPS Systems successfully demonstrated that the fuel cell is operational as the system generated over 12,000kWh of electricity during May and exported 2,000kWh to the local distribution network.

UPS Systems Managing Director Tom Sperrey said: "The creation of the Hydrogen Mini Grid System is an exciting development for fuel cell technology.

"Generating hydrogen onsite through renewable energy sources such as wind helps to make fuel cells a greener solution. Although this is not the first fuel cell installation where we have had to integrate multiple sources of energy, it raised several new technical challenges that our fuel cell technical team successfully addressed."

Dr Jason Stoyel, Technical Manager at TNEI and HMGS project manager said: "In putting together the team to deliver this ground breaking project, we wanted to work with companies that could deliver innovative solutions and systems.

"UPS Systems has not disappointed and with the installation of the fuel cell we are one step closer to on-site generation of "green" hydrogen."

AMP Technolgy Centre website
Hydrogen Yorkshire website
UPS Systems website

Images: hydrogen-yorkshire.co.uk


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