Friday, October 30, 2009

News: Firechill brings jobs boost for Rotherham manufacturing sector


New pioneering energy-efficient air cooling units are set to be manufactured in a Rotherham in a move that the company behind them say could lead to the creation of 600 jobs.

FireChill is launching two new air cooling products that are more energy efficient and can provide significant cost savings of between 15% and 60% over traditional air-conditioning and cooling units.

Depending on environment, the carbon-cutting system can reduce emissions by up to 40 tonnes of CO2 per year - the equivalent of taking 14 family cars off the road.

A joint venture business between Leeds based investors, Phase 37 with Cooling Technologies Inc of Ohio has acquired the worldwide distribution rights for the proven, patented, heat-activated cooling technology which works using absorption cooling or thermally-activated cooling technology, with the chilling units fired by natural or propane gas or waste heat from a microturbine.

The company has a global license to manufacturer and market the products. Rotherham has been selected for a manufacturing facility and they are ready to begin manufacturing next year. Funding of up to £3.3m to facilitate its growth is being sought.

Simon Clothier, Chief Executive, Phase 37 Ltd, said: "Green technologies will drive the UK economy over the next decade and have the potential for explosive growth as the world look to new solutions for old problems. Our product sits right at the heart of this agenda due to its ability to keep buildings cooler as the world warms and make significant energy and carbon savings over traditional technology."

"With more than 40 demonstration units installed and operating, we have generated a substantial level of global interest especially in hot, crowded gas-rich areas of the world. We can't wait to start manufacturing and are confident that with further investment, we can maximise the global market potential these products offer."

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