Friday, November 20, 2009

News: High prise for Rotherham’s enterprise leaders of the future


Head teachers and teachers that champion enterprise in Rotherham have been given a ringing endorsement by education guru Mick Waters.

The chief of the Curriculum Foundation and the former Director of Curriculum at QCA said was speaking at Enterprise Leaders of the Future, an event run by Rotherham Ready in the town as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The event brought together 40 head teachers and teachers leading the development of enterprise in education in the borough.

He told them: "What your programme does is create learning that you can't turn away from. It's real problems and real challenges that you are asking the children to do through enterprise. And the qualities that are the heart of Rotherham Ready are what employers say they want young people to have.

"I tell people about the work of Rotherham Ready and if I was still at QCA I'd be nicking what you are doing – it is really good stuff. The work you are doing through this programme is stunning."

Catherine Brentnall, Rotherham Ready Project Officer said: "Rotherham Head Teachers and Teachers are at the forefront of enterprise teaching and learning, and it was great to receive such a ringing endorsement of all their hard work. Mick Waters is incredibly well respected and liked and for him to give that pat of the back to our teachers, head teachers and the work of Rotherham Ready is very positive indeed."

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