Thursday, April 1, 2010

News: Rotherham's AMP acknowledged by regeneration experts


The Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham has been put forward by a panel of regeneration experts as a scheme from the past 30 years that offers objective evidence of great success, and which would not have worked without public sector intervention.

The AMP in Rotherham is the UK's premier advanced manufacturing technology park with a global reputation for engineering, innovation, research and manufacturing excellence.

The park was the product of a joint venture agreement involving mining firm UK Coal, which owns the 40ha site, and regional development agency Yorkshire Forward.

The AMP is home to world-class research and manufacturing organisations, such as; the AMRC, a Boeing / University of Sheffield partnership; Rolls Royce; Castings Technology International (Cti); Dormer Tools and TWI's Yorkshire Technology Centre.

Chris Green, chief executive, SQW Group told the magazine: "The Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham is on the site of the former Orgreave Colliery and Coking Plant, which required a huge amount of decontamination. It was in an area in which the market would not have invested even if the site had been in pristine condition.

"Construction of the innovation centre would have been regarded as far too high a risk by the private sector. The AMP has contributed significantly to diversification of the local economy."

The AMP has also been named amongst the top 100 the regeneration projects in the UK.

The annual list is compiled by leading industry magazine, Regeneration & Renewal and brings together £94bn worth of regeneration projects ranging from the Olympic Park development in London to retail-led schemes such as Sevenstone in Sheffield.

Regeneration & Renewal has begun an initiative to collate evidence of effective regeneration and are running a poll to find out which schemes show evidence of great success.

You can vote for the AMP at the Regeneration & Renewal website:

Regeneration & Renewal website

AMP website

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