Wednesday, May 19, 2010

News: Oxley and Coward investing in future talent


Oxley and Coward Solicitors LLP of Rotherham are continuing to press ahead with its training programme for new solicitors, despite the current challenging economic conditions.

The firm's three trainees are working through a 24 month programme, with each trainee gaining experience in at least three legal departments. They are constantly assessed before they are adjudged to have completed enough areas successfully to become fully fledged, qualified solicitors and practitioners of Law.

The training provided by Oxley and Coward is part of the Professional Skills Course (PSC) for lawyers and is one of the final stages on the path to becoming a fully qualified solicitor. It gives trainees the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned in a real life situation and also gives the law firm the opportunity to assess the skills of potential new talent.

Amy Cusworth, who is coming to the end of her training contract has been working with Rebecca Stopford in Company & Commercial Law and has recently been helping Rebecca to advise clients at this year's Enterprise Show, held last month at Meadowhall.

Richard Sheppard, Oxley and Coward's partner and training principal, said: "Not many solicitors of our size take on so many trainees. The number we take on has grown over the last few years and we see it as a real investment in future talent.

"Taking on trainees is of course not cheap, particularly in today's difficult economic climate, but Oxley & Coward remains optimistic and committed to encouraging and developing the skills of the local talent of the future. In return, our current trainees have rewarded us with the highest levels of commitment and hard work.

"I am delighted with the progress they have made, and expect all of them to pass their PSC with flying colours."

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