Thursday, September 23, 2010

News: Eadon expertise chosen for canal project


Design experts at Eadon Consulting Ltd in Rotherham have been appointed to design new flow gates on the Killaloe Canal, near Limerick, Ireland.

Eadon Consulting Ltd was listed in the tender documents by Waterways Ireland as the preferred designer for the project, having carried out some preliminary design work on the project.

The contract was awarded to L & M Keating Ltd who have appointed Eadon Consulting Ltd as the designer of the gate layout and structure.

Over the coming weeks Eadon Consulting will be designing and producing the detailed fabrication drawings for the gates and associated stop logs. The gates themselves are designed to control a canal 6m wide and 3m deep whilst operating with a head difference of 400mm.

A further outcome of the flow control gates is the incorporation of a pedestrian footbridge creating a looped walk along the canal.

The combined experience of Eadon Consulting's staff involves a number of firsts for waterways structures as well as innovative approaches to lock gate design. Whilst head design engineer at Mandall Engineering, Dave Price designed the world's first drop lock at Dalmuir.

Eadon's James Hill was involved in the design of the lock gates used at Port Dundas which involved an innovative approach to sealing of the gates as well as eliminating the use of traditional hardwood timber.

Based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park, Eadon Consulting has experience of designing waterway control structures, lock gates, moving bridges and other bespoke mechanical, electrical and hydraulic equipment for canal and river networks in the UK and abroad.

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