Wednesday, October 6, 2010

News: The sky’s the limit for FireChill


FireChill, the innovative global green cooling technology company, has announced that it has formed a development partnership with ecOenergy Dominicana to bring a range of solar supplement chiller products to market under the SkyChill brand.

With the advent of new micro solar collector technology and SkyChill's ability to harness that thermal energy, solar-powered systems have become an accessible and affordable reality.

Simon Clothier, FireChill's CEO, said: "Originally, I had thought it would be two years before a solar solution became a reality for FireChill. This new approach, along with FireChill's technical development expertise, has changed the game and means we can now rapidly bring solar supplement solutions to life.

"We offer a truly genuine alternative, because we can deliver a dual-mode chiller system which enables round the clock chilling – when the sun goes down we seamlessly switch to gas-firing.

"We still have development and testing to carry out, but as of today we are confident we will have a market-ready product at the start of 2011."

Earlier this year FireChill secured funding for the next stage of its development which will enable it to commence production of energy-efficient chilling and refrigeration units.

And with the units to be manufacturing at Newburgh Engineering in Templeborough, the investment is set to create 100 new jobs directly and many more in the supply chain.

FireChill Manufacturing, a joint venture with Rotherham-based specialist engineering firm Newburgh Engineering, is responsible for the production of units, while FireChill Trading focuses on global distributor recruitment and marketing.

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