Tuesday, December 14, 2010

News: Inditherm signs distribution deal with ADI


Innovative Rotherham company, Inditherm has signed an agreement that assigns exclusive distribution for the process solutions part of their Industrial business to a subsidiary of the ADI group.

The new business will trade as ADI Inditherm but the Manvers company will retain all activity related to their other industrial products, including IBC, drum and cylinder heating systems.

Inditherm products use their patented, low voltage carbon polymer technology to provide heat and unlike other forms of heating, there are no hot spots. Uses include heating mattresses, pipework, sports pitches, storage vessels and medical treatments.

The heating pads will continue to be manufactured by Inditherm, with ADI taking responsibility for all sales, marketing, design, installation and project management.

ADI will promote heating solutions to the food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals markets and under the agreement, Inditherm has also granted a license to ADI to use know-how in respect of the application of the Inditherm heating solutions technology and a license to use Inditherm trade marks. Inditherm will retain all intellectual property rights and rights to manufacture the core polymer technology.

Some of Inditherm's staff associated with this specific sector of the business will transfer to ADI as part of the deal.

ADI are already a well established provider of pipework and process solutions, with over 20 years' experience in the industry. They have a strong track record dealing with many of the current and potential users of Inditherm technology and are therefore well placed to increase the uptake.

The ability of a single, established supplier to provide a complete turnkey solution should allow ADI to be more competitive and achieve greater market penetration with Inditherm's technology.

Inditherm CEO, Nick Bettles, said: "We believe that our relationship with ADI will allow wider uptake of the Inditherm technology in the process industries, due to their established relationships.

"This move will also allow us to focus on the growth of our medical business and the more standard products in our Industrial range, at the same time as reducing the overheads associated with the complex bespoke process solutions.

"Naturally we will benefit from any success ADI have with our technology, as we will be supplying them with all the carbon polymer heating pads."

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