Monday, January 17, 2011

News: FireChill launch heating products


FireChill, the global green cooling company announced today the launch of a range of energy-efficient, gas-fired heat pumps which draw free heat from either the air or the ground.

Approved for outdoor installation, they are self contained and can be powered by propane, natural gas, LPG or light oil.

FireChill's existing and proven absorption technology platform combined with a range of specially developed components, each designed to maximise the efficiency of the heat pump, leads to a highly competitive product that outperforms the market on both efficiency and price.

The systems have a fuel use efficiency of over 150% comparable to coal fire with an efficiency of 2%, followed by gas fire with an efficiency of 50%, then gas central heating with an efficiency of 60%, and the condensing boiler with an efficiency of 90%.

Simon Clothier, FireChill's CEO said: "We are tremendously excited about these new planet-friendly, clean tech products; FireChill is now in the fortunate position of being able to provide its customers with choice – green heating as well as green cooling.

"Our technology team has given us a world beating product and our UK manufacturing team can now deliver at competitive prices for today's cost conscious marketplace.

"The new heat pumps contain 80% of the components currently used in the chillers which means we can pass on the majority of those volume savings to both our heating and cooling customers. We are also delighted to be entering the UK market for the first time with a home-grown, British product."

FireChill Manufacturing in Rotherham has recently been awarded with the ISO 9001 accreditation. Vince Middleton, Managing Director of FireChill Manufacturing, said: "We are delighted to achieve this accreditation which underlines our continued commitment to sustaining an agile, process-based and quality-focused manufacturing facility.

"Quality culture in manufacturing is the only way to secure a long product life, which is something that every customer wants. This certification reinforces our pledge to customers to continually monitor and improve our products and produce them to the highest possible standard."

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