Thursday, May 19, 2011

News: Martek equip Trefin's entire fleet


Greek maritime company, Trefin Tankers, has recently equipped their entire fleet of vessels with the Lifeforce AED from Martek Marine to provide effective treatment in the event of any of their crew suffering a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) while at sea.

The Manvers company is the world leader in safety and environmental monitoring equipment for commercial ships.

Trefin specialises in chemicals transportation and their six vessels now carry Martek's defibulator.

Anthony Efstathiou, chartering & operations director at Trefin Tankers said: "Trefin Tankers are proud to equip their fleet with Lifeforce, the world's only marine approved defibrillator for treating Sudden Cardiac Arrest at sea. SCA kills three million people every year. By investing in Lifeforce, Trefin have demonstrated their commitment to crew welfare across the globe."

SCA is the world's biggest killer but using a defibrillator to restore a normal heart rhythm within the first three minutes can improve survival rates by up to a staggering 70%.

Whilst on a recent sales visit to five of the largest German Ship owners, Martek's product was called into action for real. Jonathan Love, Martek Marine's Regional Sales Manager for Southern Europe, was queuing at the airport when a passanger in front suddenly keeled over.

Jonathan explains: "I went straight to her and began to administer first aid and in applying the Lifeforce defibrillator to the casualty who was now unconscious and breathing erratically, I feared the worst.

"However, the system reported in detail that the patient's heart was functioning normally and the cause of the collapse was not related at this stage to any issue with her heart.

"In such cases, the Lifeforce unit will not administer a shock in a further stage of casualty protection. With her condition still deteriorating however, I kept the unit in place as advised by my training in case the primary condition, now believed to be the result of a head trauma from several years ago, triggered an SCA event."

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