Thursday, July 7, 2011

News: £4.9m to help link people to jobs in South Yorkshire


A project to create low-carbon ways of linking people to jobs and training in South Yorkshire has secured £4.9m from the government.

The South Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority's key component bid for "A sustainable journey to work in South Yorkshire" project has secured the funding from the Department for Transport's Local Sustainable Travel Fund.

The project has the twin objectives of supporting the local economy and facilitating economic development, and of reducing carbon emissions. It is designed to revolutionise the way people get to work, and their attitudes towards how they choose to travel.

The project includes an enhanced Wheels to Work scheme offering bike, scooter or electric scooters to those most isolated. Cycle packages will include infrastructure, facilities, training, education and marketing. Bus services will be improved such as a new service between Grimethorpe and Wombwell. A targeted programme of marketing, education, engagement and travel planning will aim to change people's behaviour towards travel.

Investment will initially focus on those communities and corridors where the need for sustainable travel options is the highest. These include Rotherham town centre, Maltby and the Dearne.

South Yorkshire ITA website


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