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News: RCAT looks back as new build completes


As the finishing touches are made to the £8m redevelopment of their town centre campus, Rotherham College of Arts & Technology (RCAT) are looking back on the impact of the college in the town.

The college team will be celebrating the history of the town centre campus during the annual Rotherham Show at Clifton Park this weekend where members of the community are invited to share their nostalgia of the development of the campus since the first building originally opened in 1930.

Carly Jones, spokesperson at RCAT, said: "The college sites have become a big part of the Rotherham community for many years with countless memories made, not necessarily linking to education. Throughout the years, education in Rotherham has transformed since the college first opened its doors in 1930 under the name Rotherham Technical College.

"Rotherham Show will create a fantastic opportunity for us to celebrate our heritage."

The town centre campus buildings have undergone significant transformations during the 1930's 1960's and 1980's. As the campus expanded, business and houses within the local community were replaced with the Eastwood Building, Clifton Building, Howard Building and now the new Wentworth Building.

Sue Horner, head of Skills for Work & Life at RCAT said: "Over the years, generations of people have lived near, worked at, studied at or have memories of the site. No doubt my grandmother; who lived on Eastwood Lane before moving to Wharncliffe Street would remember the Howard Building being built and how important it was to the town.

"You only have to compare how busy the town centre is now in term time, with how quiet it is during the holidays to know that the college is still the hub of the town and of its surrounding communities."

The Wentworth Building will provide a new focal point entrance for the campus development. Designed by Bond Bryan, the building will house high specification classrooms and facilities including IT rooms and Higher Education teaching and learning facilities.

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