Wednesday, September 21, 2011

News: Former Rotherham council worker sees benefit of starting own business


An enterprising Rotherham man has started his own business after 16 years of working in the public sector.

Brian Moran worked with Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) and the 2010 Rotherham project, in a number of positions, including electrician, and quality assurance officer for electrical projects, until spring last year when he decided to take early retirement.

He was initially offered an opportunity with a private sector electrical contractor, however after several months and much consideration he decided to establish his own company.

Based in RiDO's Fusion @ Magna business centre, Moran Electrical Solutions was created in December 2010, primarily to serve the educational sector. Business is going well and the company works with schools in the Rotherham, Sheffield and Chesterfield areas. The company has also won increasing amounts of commercial work with clients ranging from a hotel chain in the North West & London area to distribution centres across the North of the UK.

The companies' success has meant that it has already taken on four additional electricians (three of which are also former RMBC staff) and Brian is also considering employing an apprentice electrician.

Brian said: "Its still early days but the business is building slowly but surely. We don't want to run before we can walk, but so far we have had excellent feedback on our prices and quality of work, and are getting repeat business. If we can continue to make a living and enjoy it, whilst also helping out our customers, we'll be very happy.

"It was daunting to start with, organising the business plus the insurance, business registration, book keeping etc. The list was endless! In addition there was the worry of whether the business would succeed. Add to this the disruption caused by the snow in December, Christmas and New Year breaks ... it was tough.

"However we're past all that now and if the business continues to expand at the present rate I feel very confident for our prospects."

Moran Electrical Solutions website
RiDO business centres website

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