Wednesday, September 21, 2011

News: In-tend supports new concept in procurement


Rotherham e-procurement specialists, In-tend has provided a full software package to Salesbridge, a new service helping buyers and suppliers in procurement outsourcing.

The idea of outsourcing within procurement is not new but with In-tend's Tendering, Contract Management and Auctions Software, the Salesbridge concept certainly is.

The Salesbridge approach takes the brief from the purchaser and sources the best supplier at no cost to the buying company. They take a percentage of the successful supplying company based on the value of the contract on a "pay as you win basis" and it is free for buyers and suppliers to register.

Sourcing suppliers is often a drain on resources, the purchasing company may decide to go with an existing supplier and not get the best price or shop around for quotes, which takes some time. By using In-tend's software within the Salesbridge approach, buyers and suppliers are able to manage their tendering and contracts electronically in a centralised system. This enables easy access and saves time, resulting in costs being reduced.

Steve Spruce, managing director of Salesbridge said: "Outsourcing procurement of products and services presents huge opportunities for time and cost savings, and provides a cost-effective route to the best most competitive prices."

Based in RiDO's Moorgate Crofts business centre, In-tend's procurement software is accessed and utilised by over 300 organizations including universities, colleges and local authorities. 5,000 registered users manage in excess of £10 billion in contracts and there are currently over 100,000 suppliers signed up to In-Tend services, ready to respond electronically to tenders, contract and auction exercises.

In-tend's Community Conference is taking place at the Carlton Park Hotel in Rotherham on November 10.

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