Friday, September 23, 2011

News: New starters join Tata Steel in South Yorkshire


21 new graduates and apprentices have started work at Tata Steel in South Yorkshire as part of the company's investment in the future of the business.

Five graduates and 16 craft apprentices started work with the company in engineering positions at Rotherham and Stocksbridge where Tata Steel Speciality has been a leading manufacturer of aerospace steels for more than 60 years and supplies special steels to aerospace component manufacturers around the world.

Mick Hood, HR manager for Tata Steel Speciality, said: "Tata Steel is committed to investing in the long-term sustainability of the business and for that we need to train future generations of employees in specialised skills.

"Every business will lose workers with expert knowledge and tailored skills naturally due to age and it is essential that there are employees ready to replace them.

"It is hard to recruit into these areas from outside the business due to the skill level required. That is why we are continuing to take on apprentices and graduates that we can train to meet the business' needs."

Ten craft apprentices were recruited into the areas of electrical and mechanical engineering. A further five will specialise in chemistry and metallurgy and one will work in logistics. At the end of three years of training and placements at the various sites they will receive BTEC level three and NVQ level three qualifications.

The five graduates were recruited into the areas of engineering and technical. They will undertake a series of 12 week placements around the site over a two year period.

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