Tuesday, October 18, 2011

News: Site secured for Rotherham United Academy


Rotherham United has secured a 14 acre site on which it plans to build the new Rotherham United Academy.

The academy will provide a modern training facility that will be used by all the Millers sides, from the first team to the youth team and centre of excellence.

The site is situated on the former Outokumpu site, off Bawtry Road on the Sheffield side of the border with Brinsworth.

Tony Stewart, chairman of Rotherham United, told the club's official website: "We will take possession of the site by November this year and the size of the plot is around 14 acres.

"When completed it will house the Rotherham United Academy and will be exclusive for Rotherham United. We will be able to design and develop this custom built sports area, with all the modern facilities required for an ambitious football club.

"The Manager here is very ambitious and there is a lot he wants to do. The new sports ground that we are moving to next season will give us more flexibility and have all the required needs of the club. It will give us the benefit of being able to have all the squads together at one time, in one area and help us in our development as one of the best football sides within the region.

"This new site will give us the opportunity to get the required space and give us all the facilities we need to continue to take this club forward."

Martin Pinder, the human resource vice president for Outokumpu Stainless limited, added: "The sale of the sports ground to Rotherham United is a good outcome for all stakeholders in the local community, as the ground will continue to be used for sporting purposes and will hopefully assist Rotherham United to continue progressing as a Club. I am sure that this will be pleasing to the many Rotherham fans who work at Outokumpu and live in the vicinity of the sports ground."

Since they were forced out of their previous facilities at Hooton Lodge, the team has trained at Doncaster and more recently at Roundwood. In 2009, the club were granted a lease in principle with the council on an area of land at Roughwood Road for a new training ground and Centre of Excellence.

Meanwhile, work continues on the new 12,000 seater stadium on the Guest and Chrimes site close to Rotherham town centre with steelwork being delivered this week.

Rotherham United website

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