Monday, October 24, 2011

News: VO4HOME trial shows significant financial savings


A trial of Rotherham-based VO4HOME's leading products has seen significantly reduced bills, lowered carbon footprint and decreased energy usage for those involved.

VO4HOME is designed to maximise the delivery of energy into the home to 220V/230V and the innovative technology can reduce energy use, CO2 and as a result has a direct impact on lowering the end user's electricity bill.

The trials were carried out in conjunction with not-for-profit business support consultancy CO2Sense, and MJ Energy Services.

CO2Sense is a not for profit environmental consultancy that helps businesses to cut costs and carbon emissions. They offer businesses in Yorkshire and Humber the chance to trial environmental products and services that can substantially reduce environmental impacts and costs.

VO4HOMEs voltage optimisation system is one of the key products selected for the Targeted Market Development programme.

Geoff Clifton, business development manager for VO4HOME, said: "Mike Jackson of MJ Energy Services kindly located the trial site - a small business with a significant electricity requirement due to its use of numerous fridges and freezers.

"The voltage optimization device was fitted and energy usage monitored and then measured against previous levels, and the results have been incredibly encouraging.

"The project demonstrates the tangible financial benefits for those involved in the project, whilst simultaneously lowering their carbon footprint. It's very much a win-win situation for the customer."

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